Welcome to Taxi’s documentation!


What is Taxi ?

Taxi is a timesheeting tool that focuses on simplicity to help you write your timesheets without wasting time. All you’ll do is edit a text file and write down what you’ve worked on and how long, like so:


pingpong 09:00-10:00 Play ping-pong
infra         -11:00 Repair coffee machine

You can then get a summary of your timesheet:

Staging changes :

# Thursday 23 january #
pingpong (123/456)             1.00  Play ping-pong
infra (123/42)                 1.00  Repair coffee machine

Total                          2.00

Use `taxi ci` to commit staging changes to the server

Through the use of backends, Taxi allows you to push your timesheets to different systems.

Getting started

Refer to the “Installation” section in the docs.

Supported backends

Contrib packages

These resources, not part of Taxi core, provide an enhanced experience for certain use cases.