Welcome to Taxi’s documentation!


What is Taxi ?

Taxi is a timesheeting tool that focuses on simplicity to help you write your timesheets without wasting time. All you’ll do is edit a text file and write down what you’ve worked on and how long, like so:


pingpong 09:00-10:00 Play ping-pong
infra         -11:00 Repair coffee machine

You can then get a summary of your timesheet:

Staging changes :

# Thursday 23 january #
pingpong (123/456)             1.00  Play ping-pong
infra (123/42)                 1.00  Repair coffee machine

Total                          2.00

Use `taxi ci` to commit staging changes to the server

Through the use of backends, Taxi allows you to push your timesheets to different systems.

Installation & usage

The easiest way to install Taxi is by using the install script:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sephii/taxi/master/install.sh | sh

Everything else is covered in the user documentation available on Read The Docs: https://taxi-timesheets.readthedocs.org/en/master/userguide.html

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